Using the natural methods of acupuncture, herbal medicines and eastern healing arts to assist your digestive health.

Digestive Work

Using my holistic craft of attentive, thorough and comprehensive acupuncture, herbal formulas, tui-na massage, cupping, moxibustion, and reiki for effective methods of boosting metabolism, cleansing the gut, mitigating pain and food allergies, balancing cravings and lightening your weight. In addition, I gracefully provide life style counseling, diet counseling, and specific yogic techniques to support people in their own unique way of creating a healthier body.

During treatments you will notice an extraordinary level of focus, concentration, and time spent on you as a patient. They are a unique experience that become quite relaxing and relieving while greatly benefiting the body. Begin your support today!


Acupuncture with
• Moxibustion
• Cupping
• Tui Na Massage
Herbal Medicines (also virtual)
Reiki (also virtual)

Private Teaching

Meditation (also virtual)
Tai Chi-Chuan

You’re here to meet your Health.
You’ll feel better every time.


Thorough, Comprehensive and Closely Attended Acupuncture for your Immediate Health Goals

At the forefront of Natural Health, as well as Preventative Medicine, Acupuncture treats people with Acute or Chronic Conditions with frequent treatment, and also sustains those wishing for an ongoing supportive care on a regular monthly basis to reduce stress, increase energy, promote longevity, continuously heal and improve on ones path of healthiness. Acupuncture is an effective technique used in the healing process of Natural Medicine that is incredibly effective at managing weight, mitigating food allergies or digestive pain, indigestion, energy, cravings, and metabolism issues.


Used within an Acupuncture Treatment, Moxibustion is a technique often used in order to warm and invigorate acupuncture pointsby burning an herb with healing properties safely on or near the acupuncture needles. This helps strengthen the persons energy or relieve stagnation from the meridians of the body.


Used within an Acupuncture Treatment, Cupping is is a very enjoyable and effective way to relieve neck, back, arm, or leg pain. These are suction cups that are applied to the area to pull out any old stagnant energy and blood to allow proper healing of the tissue. Great for upper back and neck stress!! Instant relief! Many Olympians and Athletes have been seen with the Cupping marks, however not painful.

Tui Na Therapeutic Massage

Used within an Acupuncture Session, Tui-Na is the Chinese Medical Massage used for any type of body pain and dysfunction as well as internal disorders as in the Abdominal and Facial massage.

Herbal Medicine

Custom and Individually Hand Crafted Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas

Chris is an experienced and precise Herbalist, making exact herbal preparations for each of his patients for countless modern diseases and health imbalances. Herbal Medicines can be a hugely effective therapy for many weight, allergy, diet and energy management issues providing the right amount of support or clearing for a person from natural plants form our mother earth. Herbs are Natural Medicinals provided by nature in a balanced composition for a natural remedy.


Through a Gentle Touch, The Universal Healing Energy is Allowed to Flow Through the Patient and Practitioner. Brought to a Deep Relaxation and a Neutral Space, Healing Happens.

A Reiki Treatment creates a natural healing environment by clearing, strengthening and balancing the person and chakras, or energy centers, by allowing the subtle universal energy to permeate through the hands of the practitioner through a soft touch. The Reiki is initiated and conducted by the practitioner gently placing his or her hands in certain positions on the body of the person receiving the balancing.

Peaceful, Calming, Centering Experience

Private Meditation Sessions – with or without Yoga

Meditation is what keeps us Clean, Clear, Clear Headed, and Gives Us the Capacity to Live a Happy Life.

Chris is an avid practitioner of Yoga and Meditation. It has the potential to self heal, transform anything you like, raise your level of vitality, increase your energetic capacity, and regulate the glands and nervous system. If you do not currently have a meditation or yoga practice Chris would love to sit, teach, and practice with you at any time.
Chris will talk with you to establish specific or general goals for the meditation or yoga, either from your expressed desire and/or his assessment after a wrist pulse diagnosis, integrating the Yoga Tradition with Acupuncture Tradition. Sessions may be general or specific, for the physical, mental, and/or spiritual realm to move you through any blocks and onward on your life path. There are hundreds of meditations and sets to explore. In a Session you will practice, as well as be taught the selected meditation or yoga so it can be taken home and practiced regularly.

Tai Chi Chuan

This beautifully slow Chinese art form of postures, movements and deep slow breathing is for your ultimate life balance, health and relaxation. Known as the “Supreme Ultimate” practice in Asia, this form takes about 10 minutes to complete and if practiced every day, health benefits are immense. Almost any and all individuals of different physical ability can practice Tai Chi-chuan from the very young to the very old. Regain your peace and harmony with calming Tai Chi! Call for private sessions or for recent public classes and begin to cultivate your Self!